5 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Maybe you’re tired of struggling to make money going to a job you don’t like or just want to be free to do what you want without having to go to a regular 9-5 job. Whatever your reasons may be if you are motivated and willing to put in the work there are many ways to make money online. Here are just 5 easy ways to make money online.

1. Fiverr – If you enjoy writing, drawing, are technically savvy, are a musician or even want to help prank someone you can sign up with their website and make money through Fiverr. Creators typically charge $5 per gig however you can charge more later as you gain more experience and your customers leave you good reviews.

2. Become an Affiliate – There are many sites online where they have affiliate programs you can sign up to receive a commission for your promoting their products or services. If you sign up an as Amazon affiliate for example you can display their banner ads on your website or blog and earn a commission if the person buys something from Amazon through your affiliate link or banner for example. Try googling ‘Affiliate program’ and you will find many affiliate programs you can join.

3. YouTube – Create a channel on YouTube and set up your account to display ads on your YouTube videos. This isn’t the easiest way to make money online since it depends on how many views you can get to your videos but you can make a Go Fund Me and ask for donations from your viewers or fans through your YouTube channel.

4. Amazon – You can sign up with Amazon as an affiliate and promote their products on your website/blog or you can join their FBA Program where you can send in your own stuff or products to Amazon to sell on their website. This is a great opportunity to make money online however make sure you understand and read their terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up.

5. Open your own Online Store – Ok so personally this is my favorite way to make money online! Earning commissions is a great way to earn money as an affiliate however owning and having your own website gives you more freedom to choose what you want to sell without having to lose profits from additional fees that are deducted from the final sale such as from an auction site such as Ebay or any other seller fees you may have to pay on a website that is not yours. There are many eCommerce platforms you can try, such BigCommerce and Shopify. If you’re unsure of which one you want to go with you can sign up for Free and try out their services before committing to join a pay based plan. After trying different eCommerce platforms I must say the best one I’ve tried and still use and recommend is 👉 Shopify. You can check out this site I created using Shopify’s platform www.SweetValleyJewels.com. Their platform is pretty easy to use and they have different themes you can choose from to customize the look and feel of your website. Also they have great customer support 24/7. The best part about having of your own store is that it’s up to you what you want to sell on your website, you can choose to dropship or sell your own products and/or services which gives you a very versatile way to make money online.

So these are some easy ways you can start earning money online right now! Obviously there are other ways to make money online but these are just a few. Did you find this article helpful? If you did share and or leave a suggestion or comment below.

Hey if you need help getting started with setting up a store and signing up with a new Shopify account send me a message at ocplanet@yahoo.com and I can help you get started. Or just click on my Shopify link and sign up now to get a 👉 Free 14-day trial to try it out for yourself. Good luck!



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